Collection: Eyayu Genet

Eyayu Genet was born in Durbetee, Ethiopia in 1986. Eyayu works Predominantly in the medium of painting, but includes Collage and monumental installations. Eyayu completed an MFA with distinction at ASFAD, Addis Ababa University in Addis Ababa in 2018.He has Exhibited his works in the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Ecuador, Uganda, Qatar and Paris. He also Exhibited his works in major art platforms in Ethiopia Including National Museum, Alliance Ethio-Francise ,Goe the Institute and Guramayne Art Center. He is represented in the collection of the Ethiopian national museum.

In his recent pieces, he focuses on an indigenous African art and aesthetics. He brings an aesthetical (art) practices and objects of his birth place into a contemporary art spaces. He is an artist of contrast and usually interested in complimentary ideas and subjects like traditional versus modernity, organic versus artificial and related subjects.

Eyayus’ works has got national and international recognition from different organizations. He has been awarded the Tana social media award for his outstanding contribution in promoting love and peace in his country. He participated in his first artist residency in Uganda at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design in 2019. He also participated in Qatar International Art Festival in 2019. He also placed 5th in Zervas,  the UNESCO of Achaia International Art Festival in 2020.

He is engaged with a lot of humanitarian and social projects and working to make Bahir Dar city an alternative art corner in the country. Currently, he is a lecturer at Bahir Dar University and  operates his own studio in Bahir Dar city.